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The Purpose of the Pruning

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

"The Lord will cleanse and prune you to better you"

At some point in our journey, we will come into a season of pruning.

Let’s take a moment and look closer at the meaning of the word Pruning- “meaning to cut away dead or overgrown, especially to increase fruitfulness and growth. “

The definition says it all.

It's. Time. For. Change.

The pruning could literally be anything: friends, toxic family members, significant others, jobs, habits, material items, and of course lifestyle choices.

While this process may seem difficult, saddening, or confusing, there is absolutely a purpose.

The most crucial part of this season is knowing when to let go.

Walking willingly in this stage, is essential. When you hold on to what you’re supposed to let go of the circumstance gets difficult, unbearable, and will eventually push you out.

I know from experience, I had to be willing to release anything to be open to receive what God had in store for me. While material items, habits, and lifestyle choices were easy to release; people were the hardest thing I had to move on from. Mostly because for the longest time I felt like I had no one, and when I finally I had a wonderful surrounding, God shook things up. Friendships that were once harmonious began to be difficult to maintain. I was at a complete loss of words. It was as if I was damned if I did or damned if I didn’t. When I’d replay what occured I couldn't pinpoint who, what, when, and where the issue stemmed from; then I monked (went in silence to listen to God), It was then revealed to me that I WAS THE ISSUE. I was changing and everything around me had to change. All I wanted was harmony and I kept trying to mend what was broken… then I just absolutely wasn't allowed back in. My God Momma kept saying “ You can’t put new wine into old wineskin”  My heart hurt for those I desired to remain close to, but despite the changes that occured I wouldn't take anything back. I learned a life altering lesson about reason’s and season’s, but most importantly I thank those individuals for the MAJOR part that they played when I needed them most.

Holding onto the connections you’re meant to prune, no matter what it is can cause delays for your change and growth. When God is taking you to a new place, its okay to let go in the most loving way possible. Just leave God in control and allow HIM to do the mending when the time comes.

Scripture: Matthew 9:17 | John 15:1–4 | Romans 8:28

Be blessed,


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