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The Graze & The March

Walking in Faith...

One thing that God put on my heart was to stop grazing through life!

To stop walking so slow and stopping to "eat" at places/ with people because what I’m consuming is slowing me down/ keeping me in one place. The grazer doesn’t know where they are going!

He told me MARCH through life. Step forward with power. He said step with authority. When you March, you are walking with a sense of purpose and DIRECTION. When you March you "eat" when and where you are supposed to, NOT JUST CAUSE. You eat to refuel to CONTINUE YOUR JOURNEY, never to stop. On your March MANY will reject you or say “No” or speak against your destination because they don’t understand it, but they aren’t supposed to.

I want you to understand when man says No, God IS YELLING, SCREAMING, CHEERING YES, YES, YES!!!!!!! MARCH FORWARD MY CHILD!!!!!!!!!! That rejection and no Is fuel !!!!!!!

What seems like a dead end, is a new beginning!!!!

There is victory in the march.

There is beauty in the march.

There is salvation in the march.

There is mercy in the march.

When I think of the march, I think of dedication to HIS word.

“ I have given you authority to trample on snakes ad scorpions and to OVERCOME all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” -Luke 10:19

You are an


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You have


At times I find myself sulking at what was or what could have been, but then I remember all that he’s done for me. I am living in victory every single day that I wake up.

Leaving the people that helped mold me, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. To be on my own and act solely on faith has been a quite the test, however at the end of the day I trusted God to lead me.

When things are not as you envisioned, always remember there is a greater purpose. Everyday my heart grows bigger, my faith gets stronger, and the way I see life is simply divine. I have found more than my purpose here, I've found more of myself in Christ.

I believe in the FEARLESS.

I believe in the FREEDOM.

I believe in the IMPOSSIBLE.

I believe in the PROMISE.

First Assembly Church Dream TEAM

Lastly, always walk with your head held high. There are no losses in this life, only lessons. You triumph over everything and ALL THINGS WORK for your good.
Every single day live being open to receiving, live with forgiveness exuding from your heart, live life passionately and thank the Lord for the ability to love... Because he loved us first.

BE Blessed,


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