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The Butterfly Phenomenon

The Butterfly and how it relates to our spiritual awakening.

The butterfly is a symbol of GREAT Transformation. The cycle of their life is spiritual, empowering, and teaches us about revitalization.

After the butterfly is “born” it then evolves through the 3 cycles. Caterpillar, Pupa, and finally the Adult.

The 1st cycle of the caterpillar is called the feeding stage.

In this time the caterpillar eats and eats and eats to aid its growth. Evidently they grow 100 times their size in this phase. Similar to our spirituality when we are fed and having God’s unconditional love poured into us, we experienced significant growth.

When the caterpillar is grown it stops eating. Then there is the Pupa cycle which is the Transition Stage. The caterpillar is now in its chrysalis. This stage can last a few weeks, months, or longer. While we on the outside cannot see what is happening; the inside of that chrysalis... a beautiful change is taking place.

Now, see that caterpillar in you has all that it needs to transition The chrysalis is your spirit, we go through phases that causes purging and grooming. All of the change is happening within you. This stage takes time, but the sooner you admire how far you've come and how crucial it is for you to embrace the impending change; The better.

Lastly, we have The Great Transformation. The caterpillar is now an adult. The butterfly endured much for its change.

Similar to us, We endure certain events to prepare us for our purpose.

The butterfly shows us how imperative it is to move from our current phase of life to the next level. It also shows us life is too short, we should live strong and purposefully. God knows exactly what he’s doing. He created all of his creatures to grow through cycles.

You have all that you need to receive what God has prepared.
Scripture: Exodus 23:20, 1 Corinthians 13:11, Philippians 1:6

Be blessed,


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