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The "green" thumb

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

What did the flower do when she was challenged?

Rose to the occasion.

Flowers V.S Love

If you can’t keep your own flowers alive, how will you care for the tender heart of others?

Love, intimacy, and relationships are as delicate as flowers.

Watered too much they will die, watered too little they will die.

Leaving you asking, What is enough? How will I know when I have it right?

While it may seem far fetched to compare love to gardening…. is it really

Look at your love for yourself as a garden (or whatever you desire)

In my garden, I have lilies and peonies (My favorite flowers)…. I've killed mannyyyy of those over the years, unfortunately.

As I’ve tended to the blossomed beauties; I have now found the perfect balance... I began to see myself as the flowers I was tending to. I then realized I too am perfectly balanced. The happiness and love within me were exuding outward in the way I spoke, carried myself, and even my desires shifted allowing the beauty around me to flourish. God was showing me that am fulfilled and I can give onto others.

A wise woman once told me " You can't give others what you don't have."

So if you lack love, how will you give it?

If you lack trust, how will you give it?

If you lack strength, how will you give if?

We all are capable of these extravagant, luscious, thriving gardens within us.

God said he would make our deserts Eden, but why do so many of us settle?

I was a dry well, not willing to give love unless I received it. All due to allowing others to tend to my garden while neglecting the fact that deep down only I knew what was planted because God put it in me. What’s planted will blossom and what's not cared for will be destroyed by weeds. (Negativity)

Love is a constant factor, where there is no love there is room for trickery. Treat love like a garden. Take time out every day to tend to it, and watch your world transform.

Lastly, stay out of other peoples garden, do not rip up the plants that they have planted or the seeds that they have sown.

If you are going to be in someone’s garden simply water them, give them love, give them support, give them guidance do not turn them away, because we all need help at some point. Never operate out of self; only give the love that God gave us all, which is unconditional.

#Scripture: Isaiah 51:3, Isaiah 58:11

Be blessed, You are a Phenomenon


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