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Not to be Caught

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

"I grieved my childhood and mourned the loss of what I expected. I did it in forgiveness and honor, but remaining a prisoner of dysfunction is not an option."

One of my favorite movies is Catch and Release, in the movie her fiancé dies. When he passes she finds out all of these deceitful things he had been doing and realized he wasn’t the person she thought he was. But the aspect that is so moving is how she mourned his loss, and dealt with the hurt of who he really was.

She had this entire vision of what her life was supposed to be with him despite his sudden death and she didn’t see how bound she was. The point of the movie that turns my whole world around is how she had to heal.

Deep profound wounds have a way of opening back up again if not handled from the root.

She was dealing with anger and grief which is alot for a person all at once.

Her late fiancé was a (catch and release) fisherman , in the movie she says that she thinks catch and release fishermen are heartless and cowardly. She says putting a fish through agony, then to throw it back into the water just for their (the fishermen) own entertainment is cruel.

As I sat back and pondered on what that means to me, it opened my eyes to knowing when enough, is enough.

My truth

is surrounded by do I allow you in my life or do I not? It’s not about the bait you put on the hook to catch me (the past), it's about stabbing me (the present) and throwing me back into the water (the future), wounding me and expecting me to survive. Is it really because fishing is for pleasure/survival? Or is it because I seemed vulnerable enough to catch ?

I realized she was right, it is cruel.

Something miraculous happened when she embraced her truth.

The people around her showed her how beautiful life was even after things had gone “wrong”. They showed her; she could do whatever she wanted as long as it made her happy and brought her peace.

She saw her life in the way it was meant to be seen.

My favorite part of the movie was even though she has been wounded in more ways than one, she thrived by expressing her love more to others.

The love she learned, the people she gained, and the self assurance she got was far more than what she had lost.

Most of all it caused her to have freedom from what was and catapulted her into what IS.

She talks about How it took losing him to find out who he was and how finding who he really was, changed her entirely.

I think that is so beautiful. Sometimes we may not lose someone the way she did, but getting away taught us more about who we are.

She healed and grew past what hurt her, best of all she did it with gratitude and love; but she never turned back, because there was nothing there for her anymore.

Freedom, peace, and love within yourself is never something you should sacrifice for the contentment of others. No matter who it is.

It does not mean you hold them in unforgiveness, it simply means you choose you and that's more than okay.

Scripture: Romans 12:18| 1 John 4:18

Be blessed,


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