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Love For What Is

"It's actually a beautiful process to learn higher forms of love."

I am coming to the consensus that no matter how I perceive something or someone it may not be a direct indication of their intentions. So quickly are we to emotionally respond to one's actions when it is seemingly a direct attack at our worth or who we are. 

Honestly, we can never understand another person without asking about them paired with their willingness to share, but one thing we never touch on is when the communication is flawed.

For some the mind races to the presumably worst outcome possible.

(I have definitely fallen suit to that.) 

I have this vision of what **I want and what **I think, and anything less or different than that guarantees my disappointment, discontentment, and certainly my overthinking. 

(Which are actually a reflection of my own insecurities.)

I learned that I have such a tender heart, and I strive to make sure people feel loved and appreciated that I don’t really ever want to ask for anything. (Let alone share what I feel)

However I also have had a tendency to harbor my idealistic view of what I want love wise not even considering that everyone is different. 

I guess what I am trying to say is, just because you love one way, does not mean others give love the way you want them to. 

I am establishing a sense of understanding that, It's actually a beautiful process to learn higher forms of love.

You see AGAPE love is unconditional, it means the highest form of love and charity, it is God’s love for us. 

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. 

While we are not able to give the fullest extent of God’s love for humankind, we can emulate the characteristics in our relationships and interactions.

Sometimes the extent of love that someone gives can be all that they have…. If it's all that they have… can you be so healed and whole within yourself to be content with what you’re given? Or will you constantly plead, turn people away, and fight for more when God’s love is free for the taking. 

1 John 4:16 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

You see when you’re constantly only giving love to **expectantly receive it back in equal or greater value, you get stuck in a cycle of a continuous search for something greater than what we have been given.

We have to realize that we are all human and we are naturally inconsistent. So that expectation you have of others is a void that can only be filled by self love and God.

It is perfectly okay to want more, but make sure you’re not repeating cycles that are profound toxic traits.

I’ve learned that you also cannot be cautious or afraid to say what you want and to just be honest with yourself simply because it offers freedom to share your full being with others.

Agape love is a love without fear or apprehension, It is a love of self acceptance, honesty, freedom, and most importantly it is limitless. 

Agape love is transparency, to allow your flaws to be your strength and be the motivator for why you love others. 

Agape love is to no longer only consider just yourself in life.

I feel that we live in a society too afraid of sharing who they are and what they think with others. This fear has created a comfortability with being guarded as a means of protection, but you're backhandedly blocking out the possibilities of love and healing.

I desire an environment where anyone can feel comfortable to share who they are and I strive to nurture that trust. I believe in a life of elevating others and acknowledging that we are all flawed in many ways, but according to

1 Peter 4:8  Above all continue to love one another fervently, for love throws a veil over a multitude of faults.

Therefore fervently with a humble heart, I choose love over all faults; yours and my own.

Be blessed,


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