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Hurt = Healing

" The revelation of beauty in the ugly, love in hate,and HEALING in the HURT is magnificent. "

I started my journey in 2016

On September 11th, 2017 I wrote a letter titled “ From me to you.”

I had every intent to someday give it to the person it was about, however I didn’t... I kept it for myself because it would someday show me how everything changed.

That letter portrayed raw emotion, anger, and unforgiveness....

I remember when I wrote it I was just in tears, recalling years of misery, finally saying how I truly felt after living in silence, and being haunted by the thoughts of that vicious cycle continuing.

I wrote “ I grew into a damaged woman who felt unworthy of love, who thought people thought what I think about me, I isolated myself a lot, I constantly tried to be something I wasn't to please others, because I didn't want to be an outcast. I ended up never getting close to people. I became a lonely woman, a terribly sad woman, and an insecure woman, because that's all I've ever known “

Today when I read that letter I saw how

Much I have healed and changed since then.

Every single step of the way I know God has been with me. I know that I have forgiven that person and moved on from that hurt.

I was once told to never forget how I got here.

In this transition period I almost forgot what God brought me OUT of.
I took a step back from the current mountains in my life and I was amazed at the realization that WOW if God brought me out of THAT unscathed how is this any different?

As I dug deeper to root of what that letter meant I realized it wasn’t about the other person... it was about me. I was defining my worth in the eyes of someone else....

Looking back I see the thought patterns I had adopted... they didn’t serve me well then and they certainly don’t now.

THE revelation of BEAUTY in the UGLY, LOVE in HATE,and HEALING in the HURT is magnificent.

Every single bit of this is purposeful,

Especially the pain.

So be encouraged.

You are not defeated.

It’s not over.

For with Christ You have


YOUR worth is defined in Jesus and no one else.

Be Blessed,


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